Viewing instances of a deployed software product

Use the Software Catalog application to display information about deployed instances of a software product and where they are installed, including the installation path, the partition (if applicable), and the computer where the software can be found.

About this task

The Deployed Software tab in the Software Catalog application lists discovered software product instances associated with the currently displayed software catalog record. The discovered software product is almost always the same as the discovered software component instance, but in the case of bundled software a software product (for example, Maximo®) can include other products as components (for example, DB2 Universal Database and WebSphere® Application Server). This tab shows the products, but not their components. Fields on this tab are read-only.

The attributes displayed in the record heading identify the Software Product entry and are identical to the record heading attributes on the Software tab.

The steps for viewing instances of a deployed software product follow.


  1. On the navigation bar, click Open Menu > Administration > Deployed Assets > Software Catalog.
  2. On the toolbar, display all records for software products, or use the table filter or Advanced Search to filter the records that you want to display.
  3. Select the catalog record whose deployed instances you want to view.
  4. Click the Deployed Software tab.
    Deployed instances for the current software catalog record are presented in the table in the Deployed Software section. Deployment records are shown for all products, versions, or releases at and below the level of the selected software catalog record. One row is displayed for each applicable deployed software instance.
  5. Optional: In any table row, you can click View Details to display more about the deployed software instance, or use the Detail Menu to go to the Deployed Software application and view all the available information about the deployed instance.