Creating crafts

You create craft records in the Crafts application. Craft records define the type of work performed by employees and contractors, and provide detailed information about standard rates, skill levels, and premium pay codes associated with crafts.


  1. In the Crafts application, click New Craft.
  2. Optional: If the Craft field is empty, enter a value.
    This value must be unique within an organization.
  3. Enter the standard rate for the craft, irrespective of the skill level.
  4. Optional: In the Skill Levels table window, click New Row and specify information for skill level, rank, and standard rate.
  5. Optional: In the Outside Rates table window, click New Row and specify information for external vendors for the craft or a particular skill level:
    1. Specify a skill level, vendor, and standard rate for the vendor.
    2. Select a contract for a vendor.
      If a contract exists, you can change the standard rate only if the contract has not been approved. To create new contracts, use the Labor Rate Contracts application.
  6. Optional: In the Premium Pay table window, click New Row and specify premium pay codes and rate types, and change the rates.
  7. Save the craft record.