Software maintenance

In the Software Contracts application, you can enter information about software maintenance as a contact line item.

You can specify maintenance information for the following types of contract line items:
  • Item
  • Service
  • Standard Service
If you select one of the preceding contract line types, the maintenance fields are enabled and you can enter software maintenance information. The Maintenance Term and Term Unit fields specify the length of the software maintenance line item. A renewal date is automatically calculated.
Maintenance data can be entered only if the contract has one of the following statuses:
  • Draft
  • Pending Revision
  • Waiting on Approval

Licenses and software maintenance

Contract line items for maintenance are not included when calculations are made for license capacity. If all contract lines on a contract are for maintenance, the Licensed field on the Contract tab displays N/A because license capacity does not apply to software maintenance. When you select the Maintenance field on the Contract Line Items tab to specify that a contract line item is for maintenance, the Utilization field, which specifies whether the license is at, above, or below capacity, also displays N/A.

Maintenance renewal

The Maintenance Renewal Date is automatically calculated using the values specified in the Maintenance Term and Term Unit fields. For example, if you specify a maintenance term of 1 and a term unit of year, the renewal date will be one year from the date on which you create the contract line item. You can change the date if necessary. The maintenance renewal date must occur between the contract start and end dates.

Locating contracts whose maintenance renewal date is approaching

You can use the Advanced Search feature to find contracts whose maintenance renewal date is approaching. To find contracts whose maintenance renewal date is approaching, complete the following steps:
  1. On the List tab, select Advanced Search > More Search Fields.
  2. In the Line Details section specify a date range in the From and To fields for the Maintenance Renewal Date.