Associating people with software contracts

On the Associated Assets and People tab in the Software Contracts application, you can associate specific people with a software contract.

About this task

You can associate a person only if the following conditions are met:
  • The person that you select is a valid person in the database; that is, a person record exists for that person.
  • The status of the contract is approved (APPR).

The following steps explain how to associate a person with a software contract.


  1. On the List tab in the Software Contracts application, select the contract with which you want to associate the asset.
  2. Select the Associated Assets and People tab.
  3. In the Associated People section, click Associate People.
  4. In the Associate People window, select the person to associate with the software contract and click OK.
    The person is associated with the software contract, and the person is displayed in the Associated People table window.
  5. Complete other fields on the contract as needed and click Save Software Contracts.