Adding maintenance information to software contracts

In the Software Contracts application, you can add maintenance information to software contracts.

About this task

Maintenance data can be entered only if the contract has one of the following statuses:
  • Draft
  • Pending Revision
  • Waiting on Approval
You can specify maintenance information for the following types of contract line items:
  • Item
  • Service
  • Standard Service


  1. In the Software Contracts application, select the contract that you want to work with or create a new software contract.
  2. In the Contract Lines table window on the Contract Line Items tab, click New Row.
  3. In the Line Type field, specify one of the following options: Item, Service, or Standard Service.
  4. Select the Maintenance check box.
  5. Specify the length of the maintenance line item in the Maintenance Term field and the unit of measurement in the Term Unit field.
    A maintenance renewal date is automatically calculated. You can change the date if necessary.
  6. Optional: Add other contract information as needed.
  7. Click Save Software Contracts to save the contract.