Start Centers

A Start Center is a configurable page that gives you quick access to the tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you use most often. Each of the security groups that are defined for change management has its own Start Center. When you log on to the product, the Start Center that is mapped to your primary security group is displayed. If you have multiple security group assignments, you can tab to secondary Start Centers.

If the Change Administrator has given you permission to configure your Start Center page, you can customize the content and layout of the page. This product ships with a default Start Center for each of the security groups. A Start Center contains some combination of the following portlets:

Start Center portlet Contents
Bulletin Board Messages about critical problems and incidents, along with information that is broadcast through the environment.
Favorite Applications A list of the applications that you use most frequently. You can click any item in this list to go directly to the application. For example, a Change Administrator has applications in the list for managing Security Groups, user passwords and groups, and other administrative features.
Inbox/Assignments A list of the tasks and process-related assignments to which you are assigned.
KPI Graph Key Performance Indicator (KPI) graphics provide graphical views that enable you to track critical performance variables over time. For example, a Change Manager Start Center displays KPI graphs that show outstanding RFCs; the rate at which Incidents have been caused by changes; average process times per change; and other KPIs that provide an overview of the changes in the environment.
KPI List Key Performance Indicator (KPI) lists provide the same information that is provided by the KPI graphs. You can click an item in the list to go directly to a page that displays more information about the item.
Quick Insert The Quick Insert list shows the actions that you perform quickly. You can easily insert additional actions in the list. Clicking on an action takes you directly to the task, so that you are not required to drill down through other menus.
Result Set The result set portlet displays the results of a saved query. You can select from a list of saved queries to go to the current results of that query.

For more information about each Start Center portlet, see the application help for that portlet. See the Customizing your Start Center online help topic for instructions for changing Start Center page layout and modifying a Start Center portlet.