Configuration management process request classifications

Two classifications of process requests for configuration management processes are provided, and you can create more.

Configuration management provides two predefined classifications of process requests, which your users can select in order to submit a process request.
Choose this classification in order to create a request for an audit of configuration items.
Choose this classification in order to create a request to update one or more configuration items.

When a request that was created using one of these classifications is accepted, a new configuration process will be generated automatically. One of the predefined job plans will be associated with the request.

You can modify these classifications or copy them to create new ones that meet your specific needs. You can use the Classifications application to define your own classification for Configuration Process Requests. The classification must define PMCFGWO and PMCOMSR as the use-with objects. After the classification is defined, your users should be able to select it in the classification field when opening a process request with a Process Manager Type of Configuration.

When you create your own classification, no job plan will be associated with it. You can then associate your job plan with the new classification.