Viewing conflicts across all of your Changes

In the Change Schedule application, you can view detected conflicts for all of the Changes that are in scheduled in your environment. Conflict information is not detected for assets or locations; conflict detection is available only for implementation tasks that have target CIs.

About this task

To view implementation task conflicts in the Change Schedule application, perform the following steps:


  1. Click Open menu > Change > Change Schedule to open the Change Schedule application. The application shows all of the scheduled Change and Release work orders in your environment, with scheduled tasks displayed as vertical bars in their respective work order rows.

    If an implementation task has a detected conflict of any of the three types (change window, blackout period, or CI), it is highlighted in red. If any child task is red, all of its parents are also highlighted as red, all the way up to the work order; the work order row in the Work column is red to indicate a task conflict in that work order.

  2. To determine the type of conflict that exists for a task, click Launch icon at the work order number and go to the parent Change work order for the task. Open the Schedule tab, and investigate conflict types in the Schedule Conflicts section. See Viewing conflicts for a Change for more information.