Security groups aligning with Service Catalog roles are predefined in Service Catalog sample content.

The following table describes :
Table 1. Predefined security roles in Service Catalog
PMSCADM Service Catalog Administrator This user has rights to every action and application.
PMSCSDGN Service Designer Responsible for creating the Service Catalog offerings, catalogs and fulfillment processes.
PMSCSDM Service Delivery Manager Responsible for identifying how an offering defined by the Service Designer will be fulfilled.
PMSCSEM Service Execution Manager Responsible for overseeing the fulfillment of the service requisitions in the Service Catalog.
PMSCUCA User Contact Analyst Analyzes, receives, and approves the service requisition as part of the catalog request service order planning phase.
PMSCOA Operations Works under supervision of the Service Execution Manager and is responsible for:
  • Performing all operational processes and procedures of the order planning and fulfillment
  • Ensuring that all IT services and infrastructure meet operational targets
  • Running and monitoring infrastructure components
PMSCOS Operations Specialist Performs the work items required to fulfill a catalog request. Operations Specialists often focus on a platform or application.
PMSCSRU Service Requisition User Searches for and orders offerings from the catalog, monitors the status of orders, and receives the offerings. Has access to Self Service Center application also.

Application authorizations and privileges have been granted based on these security groups for the Service Catalog sample content. Security groups and user accounts must be set up for all end users and service administrators in your environment (for example, Service Designers, User Contact Analysts, Service Execution Managers, etc.).

See the Security section of the Infocenter for configuration details.