Integration framework applications

To import software catalog data, Maximo IT uses the integration framework. This framework is a set of applications that facilitate two-way data exchange between Maximo IT and external applications in real time or batch mode.

Key features of the integration framework include:

  • Predefined content to facilitate integration
  • A comprehensive set of outbound and inbound integration components that are available to use immediately
  • Applications that let you define the format of data exchange
  • Applications that let you import data while enforcing business rules related to the objects imported

Use of the integration framework offers the following advantages:

  • Extensibility: Using the Object Structures application ensures that business rules are enforced when data is imported, even if business rules are changed or objects are extended by user customization.
  • SOA orientation: The Enterprise Services application offers flexible options for data exchange, including Web services. Using Enterprise Services means that changes to the interface are easy to adapt and reuse in various contexts.
  • XML: With Enterprise Services, Maximo IT can import data from the software catalog using XML formats already used by the external application. If you developed extensions based on the XML schema, you can easily integrate your work.
To import software catalog data, Maximo IT uses the inbound processing features of the integration framework. It also uses a subset of the integration framework applications and provides content designed to import software catalogs. Predefined content is provided in the following integration framework applications:
  • Object Structures
  • Enterprise Services
  • External Systems