Tracking the progress of a Change

The progress of a Change is indicated in two ways: by the Progress Map, a row of nodes in the Progress Map section of the Changes application views; and by the value in the Status field. In the Progress Map, the highlighted node represents the step that is currently underway.

The workflow updates the Status field when a change moves from one step in the progress to the next step. The Progress Map is also updated to reflect the new status. You can manually change the Status value by selecting the Change Status action.

By default, the sequence of steps in the Progress Map is determined by system properties. You can redefine the sequence of steps in these system properties to globally change the sequence of steps that is displayed in the Progress Map. You can also modify the sequence of steps for a job plan; after you do so, when you apply that job plan to a Change, the Progress Map for the Change will reflect the sequence that you have set for the job plan.

Status values are contained in the WOSTATUS domain. To see the statuses that are used, go to the Domains application (Open menu > System Configuration > Platform Configuration > Domains), type WOSTATUS in the Domain field, and press Enter. The values in the WOSTATUS domain are used to populate the Progress Map.