Request a New Service

Use Request a New Service to display the Offerings and Quick Inserts that you want to use to acquire a new asset or service.

When you click Request a New Service Service Catalog Offerings and Quick Inserts are displayed with their descriptions based on their classification hierarchy. Only Offerings and Quick Inserts to which the user has access based on their security group are displayed.

Unclassified Offerings or Quick Inserts are displayed at the end of the list of classified objects.

Offerings that do not have the Service Desk Offering check box checked in the Offerings application are displayed.

Quick Inserts that have the Self Service Access option enabled and the Service Desk Template option unchecked in the Ticket Template application are displayed.

Only Ticket Templates that do not have Service Desk Template selected in the Ticket Templates application are displayed.

You can view the hierarchy of available categories in the tree view. If the tree view is not visible, click the Tree View icon to view it. To remove the tree view, click the Folders icon.

Different icons are used for Offerings and Quick Inserts. You can search for offerings and quick inserts using the search field in the Navigator.

Note: If the user requests an offering for software that is automatically deployable, a Computer field displays in the Service Request. The user should select the computer where the software is to be deployed.