Viewing offering details

In the Offering Catalog application, a short description of the offering is displayed in the offerings list. You can view more details about the offering.


  1. In the Offering Catalog application, browse or search for the offering for which you want to view more details.
    The offering is displayed in the offerings list with a description of the offering.
  2. Click the description.
    The offering dialog is displayed, with the following details:
    • Offering image
    • Offering ID
    • Offering Name
    • Description
    • Requested For field - specifying the user for which the service is being requested.
    • Offering documents - any documents that provide the user with additional information about the offering (optional)
    • Attachments - any documents with which the user supplies information
    • Other attributes (if applicable)
    Note: Numeric values are only displayed as whole numbers. Values containing decimals will be displayed in the corresponding Service Request.


You can proceed with one of the following options: Add to Favorites; Add to Cart; Order Now; or Cancel to close the offering window.