Searching for a solution

Search for appropriate solutions, then select a record and view details. If you do not use the Search feature, all solution records are displayed in the View Solutions table window.

Searching for a solution in the Search Solutions application

  1. If you are viewing the Start Center, click Browse Solutions. If you are viewing a self-service application, on the Application Launch toolbar, click Browse Solutions icon.
  2. Enter a value in one or more of the fields in the Search Solutions section. The following information describes how to use some of the fields in this section:
    Existing solutions are organized by classification, such as email issue, to help narrow the search for a solution that might resolve your issue. Complete the following steps to select a classification:
    1. Click Detail Menu icon next to the Classification field and select Select Classification fields.

      A hierarchical tree of classification records is displayed. Each record has an identification number and a description.

    2. Expand the branches of the tree to find the classification you want. To select a classification record, click the blue box next to the record.
    The Classification and Classification Description fields are filled with the identification number and description of the classification you selected.
    Note: If you need to remove the classification, click Detail Menu icon and select Clear Classification. The system clears the values in the Classification and Classification Description fields.
    Enter one or more keywords that describe your issue. Separate multiple keywords with commas. For example: email, virus. The system searches for solution records that are associated with the keywords you enter.
  3. Click Find. All records that match the values you entered are displayed in the View Solutions table window.

    The most recently updated solutions or the solutions applied with the most frequency are often the most relevant to your problem. Click the Last Changed Date and Times Applied column headings to sort the list of solutions by date or by frequency of use. Each column heading is a three-way toggle between sort ascending, sort descending, and reset to the default. The default is to order solution records by their identification numbers (listed in the Solution column.)

  4. To return to the full list of records and clear values from all fields, click Reset.

You can also search for a solution or narrow your search by using the Filter in the View Solutions table.

If you want to used advanced search techniques, click Advanced Search icon, in the View Solutions table window.