Creating a new version of a baseline

You can create a new version of an existing baseline in order to take a new benchmark.

Before you begin

About this task

You can have several versions of each baseline. This enables you to take successive benchmarks that reflect stages in the development of a service or of a group of CIs. Each baseline can have only one inactive version at a time. If you already have an inactive version, you can work with it rather than creating a new version. The Create Version icon is inactive if you already have an inactive version.

Any user can create a new version of a baseline.


  1. Click Open menu > IT Infrastructure > CI Baselines to open the CI Baselines application.
  2. Place the cursor in the CI Baseline field. Type a filter term if you want to limit the list of records. Press Enter.
  3. Open the baseline for which you want to create a new version.
  4. Choose the Create Version action.
    The new version will be created as inactive. The version number is incremented from the previous value.


If you have a baseline that includes member CIs that are associated with different customers, all of these member CIs are included when you create a new version of the baseline. They are included even if the user who creates the new version does not have authorization to view all the member CIs. The same access restrictions apply to the new version; any user, including the user who created the new version, can see only those CIs that are associated with customers whose CIs that user is authorized to view.

What to do next

After you create the new version, you can add or remove members, or keep the member list the same.