Receiving software items

Use the Receiving application to enter information about software items that are received on an approved purchase order.

Before you begin

Before you can receive items against a purchase order, the status of the purchase order must be either In Progress or Approved.

About this task

If an item is designated as software in the Item Master application (that is, the Software field on the item record is selected), receiving the software item includes two tasks: receiving the item and associating the item with a software license.

The following instructions explain how to receive software items.


  1. In the record list of Receiving application, display the purchase order (PO) for which you want to receive software.
  2. On the Material Receipts tab, go to the Material Receipts table and click Actions > Select Ordered Items.
  3. In the Select Ordered Items window, select the check box for each line item that you want to receive. To select all of the items on the purchase order, select the check box in the table header.
  4. Click OK. The items that you selected appear in the Material Receipts table window on the Material Receipts tab. If the software requires a license, the License Required check box is selected.
  5. Optional: Edit the Quantity field to change the quantity received.
  6. Click the Save Receipt icon on the toolbar.

What to do next

After you receive a software item, if that item requires a license, the License Required field is selected to indicate that the software should be associated with a license. You can see this field in the purchase order line item row on the Material Receipts tab and in the POs table window in the record list. To associate the software item with a license, select the Material Receipts tab and choose the Receive Software Licenses action.