Associating tag out procedures with assets

You use the Assets application to associate tag out procedures with assets. A tag out procedure is a detailed description of how to take work assets out of service or how to place them back into service, to ensure a safe working environment.

Before you begin

Before you can associate a tag out procedure with an asset, the tag out procedures must be associated with a hazard using the Safety Hazards application.


  1. From the Assets application, display the asset record with which you want to associate a tag out procedure.
  2. On the Safety tab, click the Lock Out/Tag Out sub tab.
  3. Under the Hazards table window, click New Row.
  4. In the Hazard field, specify a value.
  5. In the Hazards table window, select the hazard for which you want to add a tag out procedure.
  6. Under the Tag Out Procedures table window, click New Row.
  7. In the Tag Out field, specify a value.
  8. Click Save Asset. The lock out steps for the selected tag out display in the Lock Out Operations table window in read-only format. Use the Lock Out/Tag Out application to create the specific lock out steps that display in this table.