Software catalog

A software catalog can be imported into Maximo IT, where it is saved in the database. The software catalog records are then viewed and managed from the Software Catalog application.

An administrator can import other, less robust, noncatalog software information into the database from other databases populated by either IBM® or non-IBM discovery tools. These other imports, from discovery databases, are done using Integration Composer. As with software catalog data, the imported discovery data is displayed in the Software Catalog application, where it is used by Licenses and other Maximo IT applications. It can be used by the discovery tool to efficiently locate distributed software.

The information that a software catalog contains can also be used to help analyze the structure of software bundles and determine the licensing dependencies between the enclosing software and its bundled products and components. For example, a definition of a software bundle that consists of multiple products and components will contain information on all the bundled software, their licensing in relation to the enclosing product, and every signature used to detect them as installed or running on computer systems in a given environment.

A software catalog contains data on the following knowledge base entries:
  • Manufacturers
  • Software
  • Aliases
  • Software relationships
  • Signatures

Because it is portable, a software catalog can be imported into the database. From there it can be used by Maximo IT to identify deployed software products in Licenses and other applications.

Working from Maximo IT, an administrator then imports the software catalog into the database using Integration Composer. Administrators can automate the importing of a software catalog.

To retrieve the published catalog, a Maximo IT administrator sets up a cron task to send an automatic request on a regular schedule to an IBM FTP site. The cron task then retrieves the published software catalog of distributed data from the designated import directory.