Maximo Application Suite


To identify and resolve problems with IBM® Maximo® Application Suite, you can use the troubleshooting and support information. For information regarding the service and support, see the IBM Support Guide on

Continuous delivery support

Starting with Maximo Application Suite 8.7, Maximo Application Suite introduced a continuous delivery support model that incrementally delivers regular product fix packs. For more information, see IBM® Maximo® Application Suite product lifecycle.

Release notes

A maintenance fix might be available to resolve your problem. Review the readme files before you apply fixes to ensure that the version, release, modification, and fix level is appropriate for your requirements. For more information, see Maximo Application Suite release notes.

Product-specific help guides

The following product-specific help guides are available:

Application-specific troubleshooting

Application-specific troubleshooting documentation is available to help:


Before you report your problem to IBM Support, see whether the self-help support options resolve your problem:
  • Ensure that your service is available and is not undergoing any maintenance work.
    • Maximo Application Suite

      Contact your local Maximo Application Suite administrator.

  • Search the IBM Support Community knowledge bases and forums for answers to your question or issue.
  • Look through open technotes that cover troubleshooting Maximo Application Suite issues.

Prometheus and Grafana support

A number of components of the IoT tool and the suite licensing service generate Prometheus-based metrics. The metrics can be accessed directly or by using a set of sample Grafana dashboards.

For more information about how to use Prometheus and Grafana with Maximo Application Suite, see:

Product, application, and tools version

In communications with your local Maximo Application Suite administrator or with IBM Support, you might need to provide information about the product, application, or tool version that you are inquiring about.

Complete information about your Maximo Application Suite setup is available from the Maximo Application Suite user interface Help > About menu. From there, you can see the version number of each component and also export the full version listing as a .JSON file.

Collecting MustGather data

Maximo Application Suite provides a MustGather script that you must use to collect information before you raise an issue that requires IBM support.

For more information, see the Collect MustGather data technote.