Installing Maximo Application Suite

To install IBM® Maximo® Application Suite, plan your installation, select a supported installation path, and set up the initial configuration.

Supported installation paths

Use the Maximo Application Suite command line interface (CLI) for a standard installation and the Ansible® DevOps collection with CLI for advanced users to build installation topologies beyond what is possible with the Maximo Application Suite CLI. Alternatively, customize the Maximo Application Suite installation with Amazon Web Services CloudFormation templates for Amazon Web Services user accounts and Microsoft Azure Resource Manager templates for Microsoft Azure user accounts.

The standard installation with CLI works on any Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform instance, such as Installer Provisioned Infrastructure (IPI), User Provisioned Infrastructure (UPI), Single Node Red Hat OpenShift, or IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service. The customized installations by using Amazon Web Services CloudFormation and Microsoft Azure Resource Manager templates work with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform instances for existing, IPI, or UPI Red Hat OpenShift cluster.