Maximo Application Suite

Installing IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution

IBM® Maximo® Models for Electrical Distribution offers model templates to enhance the reliability of energy and utility assets. By using predictive capabilities, you can anticipate downtime, degradation, and failures.

You can use asset-class-specific models in the Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution accelerator to take advantage of the built-in capabilities of asset performance management. Use data and AI to enable maintenance and replacement decisions based on historical and current asset health and predicted risks. You can train models on asset condition scores, including health, risk, criticality, end of life, and effective age score calculations. Well-trained models can be used to generate better dissolved gas analysis visualizations, matrix views, and investment project plans for assets.

Search and download the package for Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution in the Red Hat® Marketplace. The downloaded package contains the following files and folders.

  • file contains the instructions for installing and uninstalling.
  • contains a script to update the environment.
  • contains a script to install the accelerator.
  • playbooks and roles folders contain the Ansible® scripts that are used by the script.