Monitoring dashboards

Visualize critical device data for business users in summary and device dashboards.

Summary dashboards

Summary dashboards display aggregated data from all entities of a specific device type based on a time grain and some dimensions.

For example, a company, Acme, installed sensors at each workstation in its three buildings to monitor temperature and lighting levels. The company creates a workstation device type that combines data from each sensor at each workstation and creates a summary dashboard for a facility manager to monitor this data.

The facility manager at Acme is responsible for office conditions in each of the three buildings. The manager uses a summary dashboard to monitor business-level KPIs, such as average temperature levels, across the building. The average temperature KPI is an aggregate of the temperature data from each workstation.

In the example in the summary dashboard in figure 1, the facility manager starts at the top level of the hierarchy and drills down to see the temperature levels for a specific building and then for a specific floor in the building.

Figure 1. Summary dashboard

The graphic shows a sample summary dashboard.

Device dashboards

An employee mentions that he is feeling cold at his workstation. The facility manager opens a device dashboard for the workstation to view the temperature at the workstation. Device dashboards provide a view of the data based on a single instance (device ID).

The example in figure 2 shows the current average temperature and average hourly temperature of workstation (...D3B) for the previous 24 hours. To see whether the problem is an ongoing issue with the temperature, the facility manager might change the time range to last 7 days to see the average daily temperature at the workstation for the last week.

After some maintenance activity is carried out, the facility manager reviews the device dashboard to see what the current temperature reading is at the workstation.

Figure 2. Device dashboard

The graphic shows a sample device dashboard.