Dashboard JSON reference

You can create a monitoring dashboard by defining its configuration in a JSON file.

The structure of the dashboard schema is as follows:


At the top level of the JSON file, configure dashboard attributes.


    "cards": [],
    "title": "Industrial Boiler type A",
    "timeGrain": "week",
    "description": "Test boiler",
    "layouts": {}

Table 1 - Dashboard

Parameter Description Type Required
cards A definition of one or more cards. Cards present information as a table, a line graph, an image, or as values. array yes
title The title of the dashboard. string yes
timeGrain The default time grain on all cards on the dashboard. The value overrides the value set in the JSON configuration of line cards and table cards. Valid values are hour, day, week, month, or year. string no
description A description of the dashboard configuration. string no
layouts Defines the default position of cards on the dashboard per breakpoint size. If you do not define any layouts, the default layout is applied for each breakpoint when you import the JSON for the dashboard. object no


Use the cards array to define cards.


Use the layout object to define the layout.