Importing a dashboard

Import a dashboard configuration from a JSON file to create or update a summary dashboard.

About this task

You can export another summary dashboard configuration as a JSON file and then use that file as a starting point to configure your summary dashboard.

Tip: The configuration settings that are included with an imported dashboard JSON file might not work as expected if you import the JSON into a different device type from the one for which it was created.

You can overwrite a dashboard by importing a new JSON file.

Note: In the JSON configuration, you can configure all features of the summary dashboard, apart from the taxonomy hierarchy. The taxonomy appears under Summary Controls on the dashboard.

For information about the configuration options for dashboards, see Dashboard features.


  1. Log in to the IBM Maximo Asset Monitor dashboard.
  2. From the side menu, click Monitor.
  3. From the Device types tab, select your device type.
  4. From the Dashboards tab, find the dashboard that you want to edit under Summary Dashboards.
  5. Click Menu icon and click Edit.
  6. Go to the Dashboard page of the Summary Dashboard editor.
  7. Click Import.
  8. Browse to find a local summary dashboard configuration file.
  9. Verify that the dashboard looks as expected and then click Save.