Example: Automating assigning service requests to service groups

The development team at a manufacturing facility is asked to implement a business rule into the production system. When a pipeline leaks in the facility an operator creates a service request to report the leak. The pipeline volume determines the service group that is assigned to the service request. The development team creates a script that assigns the service request to the appropriate service group. If the volume of the pipeline is greater than a specified limit, the team must also ensure that a work log is created.

About this task

The development team uses automation scripts to implement the business rule. In this procedure, steps 1 - 3 result in the script correctly assigning the service request to the service group. Step 4 involves creating a work log and so, requires Java™ or Maximo® Business Object (MBO) API invocations to be called.


  1. Create an action launch point and script.
  2. Create an escalation.
  3. Test the configuration.
  4. Create the work log by using MBO APIs.