Push Notification Administration application

You use the Push Notification Administration application to configure push notifications for your mobile apps. IBM® Maximo® Asset Management supports push notifications on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Maximo Asset Management uses an API to send a message to a configured provider when a certain event, condition, or data change occurs. For example, you can configure a push notification to be sent to a mobile device when a work order is approved. The user must be subscribed to the event to receive a push notification.

Maximo Asset Management can be configured to use the following push notification providers:
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). To use FCM, you must have a Firebase service account.
  • IBM Push Notifications (IPN). To use IPN, you must create an IBM push notification service on IBM Cloud.
  • Apple Push Notifications (APN). To use APN, you must have an Apple developer account.

Push notifications can be enabled for both the IBM® Maximo Inspector app and the IBM Maximo® Technician apps that are available with IBM Maximo Anywhere. By default, Maximo Anywhere mobile apps support FCM only. You can also develop native mobile apps that support push notifications on FCM, IPN, or APN. The configuration details for each of the push notification providers are preconfigured in the Push Notification Administration application. You can update these configurations by selecting the Provider Configuration action in the Push Notification Administration application.


To assist with troubleshooting, use the View Registered Devices action in the Push Notifications Administration Application to view the status of each registered mobile device.