New work assignment resources in Maximo Asset Management 7.6

Using new applications, you can assign out and track work assignments more easily.

The Crews application and the Crew Types application help you to define and assemble work crews

You can create crews that consist of the labor and assets that are required to complete work. You create a crew type to build your crew requirements, and then assign the required positions, qualifications, and assets that the crew needs. New informationLearn more about crews and New informationLearn more about crew types

The Service Address application makes finding locations and assets easier

You can use service addresses to organize customer locations and assets by address. When you organize customer locations and assets by service address, searching for and finding them is easier. New informationLearn more about service addresses

The Map Manager application helps you to see a visual representation of your work

You can use the Map Manager application to create and configure maps. You can also develop and extend public maps so that users can view and work with records that are associated with locations. New informationLearn more about maps

The Maximo Everyplace template applications provide the mobile workforce with tools to complete their daily tasks

Maximo Everyplace template applications include tasks such as preparing resources, reviewing work orders, optimizing routes, and updating work orders with the least travel times and downtime. You must have a Maximo Everyplace 7.5 license to have access to these Everyplace applications. New informationLearn more about Maximo Everyplace