New in usability in Maximo Asset Management 7.6

Changes to the user interface make completing tasks easier.

Hover over a field to see related information without having to leave the record

Hover windows are enabled on some fields so that you can hover over the field and see information about the record that is specified in the field. For example, you can hover over the Asset field in a work order to see the status of the asset. New informationLearn more about hover windows

Buttons next to text boxes provide quick access to the actions you frequently use

You can add the buttons for the menu items that are most frequently used. Adding buttons next to fields means that it takes fewer clicks to get to the actions you require to complete your tasks. New informationLearn more about adding buttons next to text boxes

View related information for a record in a Result Set Portlet

You can now view information that is related to the main record of the result set. For example, you can now display the first and last name of the owner of an incident, instead of only the User ID which may not be useful. New informationLearn more about related information in Result Set Portlet

Edit mode ensures that no one else can edit a record while you are making changes

When you want to modify a record, you put it in edit mode so that other users can view the record, but cannot change it. Edit mode reduces refetch errors that occur when two users edit a record in the same application at the same time. Records are released from edit mode if you use the Go To menu, return to the List tab, page through a record, or log out. Saving the record, clicking a link to another application, or closing your browser without logging out do not release the record from edit mode. If records are inadvertently left in edit mode, your administrator can release the records in the new Record Release application. Applications where you can enable edit mode include the Work Order Tracking application, the Changes application, and the Activities and Tasks application. New informationLearn more about edit mode

Side navigation menu makes moving around the user interface and completing tasks easier

You now have the option to use a new collapsible navigation menu on the left side of the user interface. Most of the toolbar buttons and all of the actions that were previously available under the Select Action menu are in the side navigation menu. The Select Query option is moved into the Available Queries section of the navigation menu. The actions are more visible in the side navigation menu and some require fewer clicks to get to, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete your tasks. The side navigation menu also includes a search field with the type-ahead feature enabled so that you can quickly search for menu items, such as applications and queries. To reduce horizontal scrolling when the side navigation menu is turned on, you can enable vertical labels. New informationLearn more about the side navigation menu

Menu item provides quick access to your recent applications

From a menu item in the side navigation menu or from the Go To menu, you can access a list of your most recently used applications. The applications in the list differ depending on the user, the browser, and the language of the database.

Modernized user interface helps users be more efficient

A new skin is available that modernizes the user interface and includes more visible Home and Go To buttons. Labels for each field are placed above the field, rather than to the left of the field. This reduces horizontal scrolling when the side navigation menu is enabled, but also has the benefit of compacting applications horizontally.