New in integration with external applications in Maximo Asset Management 7.6

Changes to integration processes make integrating easier with the option to use automation scripts and improved file management.

Automation scripts for integration simplify the customization of integration processing

You can use automation scripts in place of Java™ classes to apply custom logic at various points during the processing of object structures, publish channels, enterprise services, and invocation channels. Automation scripts are available for use immediately, without a requirement to rebuild and redeploy Java classes, and are easier to upgrade. New informationLearn more about automation scripts for integration

Improved file management removes dependency on global directory for integration

In complex installations, the use of a global directory for integration-related files can be difficult to manage. You can continue to use the global directory, or you can configure other directories to suit your requirements. Review further information in the Maximo® Asset Management Upgrade Guide. New informationLearn more about upgrading