New in configuring Maximo Asset Management 7.6

You can now create applications that are based on the database views that you import. You can also use the Content Installer application to download Process Content Packs (PCPs) to get best practice data that saves configuration effort. PCPs are available for the key processes of Maximo® Asset Management and most take only a few minutes to download.

Important: The content packs, Content Installer application, and the Content Installer Enabler are offered as-is on the Maximo Asset Management Content Library. Support is not provided for these downloads. The support section of each content pack provides more details on IBM's Rapid Deployment Services for Cloud software installation service and support. You can also search for help in the PCP community on developerWorks® at

When you first install Maximo Asset Management, you are provided with minimal data to get started. You can now install content packs that contain predefined artifacts and sample data that you can later modify to suit your needs. The packs are version-specific and most take minutes to download, saving you configuration time. You use the Content Installer application to locate, download, and install the content packs. The content tab of the Content Installer displays a list of the content packages that are available for Maximo Asset Management. The Content Installer Enabler is an application license key that provides access to the Content Installer application in your product environment. New informationLearn more about the Content Installer Enabler

Packs are available for Work Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing or Procurement, and Classifications. Packs come with artifacts, such as Start Centers, security groups, workflows, roles, actions, and escalations. For example, with the Work Management content pack, you receive a complete work management system with a set of workflows to manage work orders that are generated from multiple sources. The work management pack includes artifacts such as basic workflows and work types, work log entries, actions, roles, person and security groups, saved queries, communication templates, and escalations. The PCPs are provided with some assumptions about the processes that you use. For example, the Work Management pack assumes that you use standard inventory processes, but you can reconfigure the contents of the pack if necessary. New informationLearn more about Process Content Packs

You download the following content packs from the Maximo Asset Management Content Library, and each pack contains instructions on how to enable the data: