New behavior changes in Maximo Asset Management 7.6

Maximo® Asset Management 7.6 includes changes that might affect how you complete some tasks.

Ensure that messages in the preprocessing queue are not lost

In previous versions, when the WebSphere® Application Server was restarted, messages that were in the reprocessing queue for the Integration Framework could be lost because a redelivery counter that was set on this queue was reset to 0 on restart. In version 7.6, the automatic installation includes an option to ensure that the redelivery counter is not set to 0 after restart.

Find and save WSDL and schema files

When you generate a schema file or a WSDL file it is no longer stored locally, it is available at a URL, making it easier to find and save.

A global directory is no longer necessary for storing files for the integration framework

In 7.6, the requirement for using a global directory for storing files in the integration framework is removed.

Integration error messages are now written to the database

Integration error messages are now written to the database and not to the file system.

Primary keys uniquely identify user-defined objects

When you assign a primary key to a user-defined object, the key uniquely identifies the object in the database. The values in the primary column determine which user-defined attributes are used to create the primary key.

Cron task servers can now be load balanced to ensure that servers do not get overloaded

Cron task loads are now balanced among the servers that are set up to run the cron task instances.