Resending a failed email

If the intended email recipient fails to receive an email, you can track and resend the email. Ensure that the communication template is enabled for tracking a failed email and specify the SEND_FAILED custom action in the Actions application.


The intended email recipient does not receive the email.


The most common reason that the intended email recipient fails to receive an email, is the mail server rejects the email. A mail server rejects an email if, for example, an email address is invalid or if the service is interrupted when the sender is about to send the email.

Diagnosing the problem

You can review the log statements that contain details of the error messages that are associated with the failed email. For example, if an invalid email address is entered in the email the invalid address is output to the log statement.

Resolving the problem

  1. In the Communication Templates application, select Track Failed Messages to ensure that the communication template that is used to send the email is enabled for failure tracking.
  2. In the Actions application, specify the custom action SEND_FAILED in the action field. The custom action enables the email sender to resend the failed email for any application that has a communication log.
  3. Associate the custom class SEND_FAILED with an escalation to check how often an email fails to send and to resend a failed email that is based on a condition.