Creating key performance indicators

You create key performance indicators to track critical performance variables over time.


  1. In the Key Performance Manager application, click New KPI.
  2. Provide a unique name for the key performance indicator.
  3. Optional: Provide a description of the key performance indicator.
  4. Specify either decimal or percentage as the calculation type.
  5. Specify the selection criteria.
  6. In the Query Details section, specify the KPI query.
  7. To change the graph from green to yellow to red, in the KPI Parameters section, specify values in the Target field, Caution At field, and Alert At field. If you want a low number, specify a low value in the Target field and a high value in the Alert At field. If you want a high number, specify a high value in the Target field and a low value in the Alert At field.
  8. If you want everyone to have access to the KPI, select the Public? checkbox.
  9. Optional: Specify values for linking the key performance indicator.
  10. Save the key performance indicator.

What to do next

If you want to restrict who can see the KPI, from the Security tab, specify the security groups that have access to the KPI.