New Work Centers

By using new Work Centers, you can access and complete daily tasks without opening multiple applications. Work Centers are role-based user interfaces that you can access on any device, including desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, or smartphones.

Each Work Center includes weather data from, role-specific key performance indicators, and cards that contain information that is related to user roles. For more information about configuring weather data, see configuring weather data for Work Centers.

To provide access to Work Centers, an administrator must add users to the security group for the Work Centers. Security groups can use both the existing Start Center and the new Work Centers. For more information, see giving users access to Work Centers.

Use the Business Analysis Work Center with Watson Analytics

By using the Business Analysis Work Center, you can analyze information, create reports, and monitor and identify trends. A new integration with Watson Analytics and business critical data sets provide a seamless process to measure data quality and explore your Maximo® Asset ManagementMaximo Asset Management (SaaS) data by using Natural Language Processing.

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Use the Work Supervision Work Center to efficiently manage the work for your team

The Work Supervision Work Center is a work visualization tool that enables supervisors to optimize the flow of their team's work. The cards represent work items in the work management process as they move around the work center. Based on lean thinking concepts, the primary principles are to visualize work, optimize work in process, focus on flow, and practice continuous improvement.

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Use the Work Execution Work Center to plan your workload

You can manage all assignments that are assigned to you by your supervisor. You can view the planned material and planned tools that are available to complete those assignments. You can also filter your open assignments by date to determine which assignments are overdue, due today, and due tomorrow and plan your work that is due in the next three days.

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