IBM Maximo Everyplace, Version 7.5

Maximo Everyplace overview

Maximo® Everyplace provides users with access to the features of IBM® Maximo Asset Management that they need, when and where they need them. This mobile access eliminates lag times and errors that can occur when you must postpone entering information into Maximo Asset Management.

You can configure applications for use on mobile devices without installing anything on the devices themselves. These mobile applications have the same controls as other Maximo applications. However, some controls look different, because they have been designed to make the application easier to use on a small screen. For example, text is often larger, and push buttons are both larger and have more space around them. Maximo Everyplace includes the following components:

In the Application Designer application, you can modify existing applications or create applications for use on mobile devices. The Application Designer application itself does not work on a mobile device and requires a large screen at high resolution.

Any UI control that is available to you in the Control Palette in the Application Designer can be used in a Maximo Everyplace application. Some controls are unavailable in the Control Palette, for example the Workflow Designer applet. Those controls are unavailable for use in Maximo Everyplace applications.

Note: Asynchronous capabilities are not available in Maximo Everyplace.