Wiping data selectively

Wrapped apps can delete their own data on an iOS device from a command issued by the administrator from the MaaS360® Portal.

About this task

Selective wipe is an event from the MaaS360 Portal to instruct the wrapped app to uninstall itself. All data that is stored in the app is deleted with the app. The following issues automatically trigger a selective wipe:
  • The MaaS360 Portal or the MaaS360 app detects a failure with compliance.
  • The Timebomb feature, which is an app inactivity trigger after an elapsed time period, is enabled in a Persona policy.
  • The user exceeds the maximum number of attempts that are allowed to authenticate.
Warning: The data is not recoverable even if you install the app again.

The MaaS360 administrator can manually trigger a selective wipe.


To trigger a selective wipe manually, follow the procedure in Device details view.