Apple WKWebView support for iOS app wrapping

Apple deprecated UIWebView in favor of WKWebView. WKWebView is an Apple framework that allows app developers to display interactive web content and offers enhanced security and performance improvements. Due to this deprecation, MaaS360 no longer supports wrapping of apps that are built using the UIWebView framework.

Updating UIWebView-based apps to WKWebView

  • App developers must use WKWebView components inside the app.
  • If the app conatins references to the deprecated UIWebView class in the sample app, these references must be replaced with the WKWebView class.
  • Select the MaaS360 SDK verison 4.x to wrap WKWebView-based apps. If your app contains UIWebView components, you should wrap your apps with the MaaS360 SDK version 3.x.
    App wrapping version
    MaaS360 does not support data loss prevention (DLP) functionality if the apps that contain deprecated UIWebView components are wrapped with the MaaS360 SDK verison 4.x.
    DLP unavailable

For more information about the Apple UIWebView deprecation, see