Updating an existing Windows OOBE setup for a Windows device during Microsoft Azure join

Follow these steps to update a Windows device that uses an existing Windows OOBE setup to join the Azure Active Directory.

About this task

If you change the existing Windows OOBE setup in Azure Active Directory and the MaaS360® Portal, follow these steps to update the Windows OOBE setup on the device.


  1. In the Microsoft Azure Portal, go to Settings > Accounts > Access work or school, and then click Connect.
    Acess work or school account screen
  2. Click the Join this device to Azure Active Directory link, and then click Next.
    Set up a work or school account screen
  3. Enter your Azure Active Directory user name or email address in the Work or school account field, and then click Next.
    Let's get you signed in screen
  4. Enter your password, and then click Sign in.
    Enter password screen
    The IBM MaaS360 Accept Terms screen is displayed.
  5. Accept the terms, and then click Continue.
    Accept Terms screen
    The IBM MaaS360 Install Apps screen is displayed.
  6. Click Continue to accept app installation on the device.
    Install Apps screen
  7. Click Join to confirm details about your organization.
    Confirm your organization details
    The You're all set screen is displayed.
  8. Click Done.
    Confirmation screen


You completed the steps for updating an existing Windows OOBE setup for a Windows device that is joining Microsoft Azure.