Integrating with Apcerto

MaaS360® integrates with Apcerto to validate the security levels of applications before those apps are published to the App Catalog.

This integration enables organizations to build secure, elegant, and powerful apps that use Apcerto's low code app development platform to deploy apps with ease and efficiency through an automated connection to MaaS360. Apcerto brings automation, efficiency, and security to the entire application development life-cycle through its single integrated platform.

Apcerto offers the following benefits:
  • Single development code base
  • Cross-platform design and testing
  • Omni-Channel approach
  • Repeatable process
  • Reusable app components
  • Embedded security
  • NIAP, CWE, OWASP compliance
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Custom reporting
  • Pre-built APIs
  • Legacy import and development
  • Automated workflows
  • Ease of deployment

Configuring the Apcerto portal

For web service API credentials, contact IBM® Support at Provide those details to the Apcerto team.

Configuring the MaaS360 Portal

Complete the following tasks:
  1. Enable app approval process and vendors.
  2. Create app approval templates for iOS and Android enterprise apps.

    Note: You must choose Apcerto as the vendor offering.

Apcerto contact details

For a demo, free trial, or to participate in a pilot project, contact Apcerto at