Editing a user in the Details view

After you add a user to the MaaS360® Portal, you can view and update the user information in the Details view.

About this task

Use the Details view to update basic details for a user, add a device for the user, reset a user password, or deactivate the user.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Users > Directory.
  2. Click View on the name of the user to view the user summary.
  3. Review information about the user that is available in the following columns:
    Column Description
    User Summary Displays basic details about the user such as username, email, authentication type, Managed Apple ID, and user account status. Click the pencil icon next to the option to edit details about the user. The summary also displays user groups, Education account details, corporate information, any devices the user account owns, and applicable custom attributes.
    Groups The list of groups that the user is a member of.
    Owned Devices Lists up to 10 enrolled devices that are owned by the user. To view all devices that are owned by the user, click the Click here to view all devices link. The page provides search results in the Advanced Search that displays all enrolled devices for that user.
  4. Review the list of actions that you can take on the user:
    Option Description
    Add Device Sends an enrollment request to add a device for a user.
    Add Group Adds a user to an existing group.
    Change Policy Applies a WorkPlace Persona policy to a user.
    Reset Password Sends a new password that is generated by MaaS360 to a user.
    Deactivate Deactivates the user account. After the account is deactivated, the user account is available in your MaaS360 account as a passive entity. When the user account is reactivated, all distributions are restored automatically.
    • Change Authentication Type: Changes the user authentication type.
    • Delete User: Permanently deletes the user account. All distributions and associated inactive devices are removed beyond recovery.

      Note: You cannot delete users with active devices.

    • History: Tracks the complete history of actions that are taken on the user account.