Adding users in the MaaS360 Portal

MaaS360® allows you to add user accounts directly in the MaaS360 Portal or import user accounts from supported directory services.

About this task

Follow these steps to add users in the MaaS360 Portal:


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Users > Directory.
    The User Directory page is displayed.
  2. Click Add User.
    The Add User window is displayed.
    Add User-Basic
  3. Select the Basic tab, and then provide the following details:
    Option Description
    Full Name The name of the user.
    Username The username for the user who accesses the MaaS360 agent.
    Domain The domain name of your company.
    Email The preferred email address that receives important notifications such as device enrollment requests or password reset alerts.
    Managed Apple ID The Apple ID that is owned and managed by the organization. Administrators can manually create Managed Apple IDs for users in Apple Business Manager.

    The Managed Apple ID is a prerequisite for User Enrollment. The Managed Apple ID must be integrated with the user account to establish that user's identity on the device. You can always add or update the Managed Apple ID in the User Summary page later. For Apple School Manager user accounts, the Managed Apple ID is already available and automatically populates in the Managed Apple ID field in the User Summary page.

    Note: MaaS360 allows administrators to use the Email Address in the User Summary page as the Managed Apple ID without having to separately input the Managed Apple ID for each user. For more information, see the Managed Apple ID Settings section in Configuring user settings in the MaaS360 Portal page.
    Authentication Type MaaS360 automatically displays the default authentication type configured for the user.
    Note: Administrators can change this value from the drop-down list.
    These settings are populated from the settings that are configured in the following path: Settings > Directory and Enrollment > Directory and Authentication > User Authentication Setup.
    User Groups Assigns an existing user group to a user.
    WorkPlace Persona Policy Assigns an existing Persona policy to a user.
    Phone Number The phone number of the user.
    Location The location of the user.
    Add New Device Select this option to enroll a device and to create a user account. A request is sent to the user to enroll a device into the MaaS360 Portal in MDM or Secure Productivity Suite® (SPS) mode.
    Enroll using Android Enterprise Enrolls an Android device in Android Enterprise mode.
    • Device Account: Allows one device enrollment for a user.
    • User Account: Allows multiple device enrollments for a user.
    License The license type that you want to assign to a device. All license types that are available for the customer account are listed. Administrators can assign more than one license to a device. For more information, see Assigning and managing licenses on devices.
    • Licenses in Suspended state wont be available for selection.
    • For customers with a single license bundle, the license value is auto-populated by default and cannot be changed. If the license is in Suspended state, no license will be available for selection to enroll devices, and an error message will be displayed to indicate the same.
    Notify User The preferred notification channel to receive important updates related to enrolled devices.
    Copy Email A comma-separated list of email addresses that receive a copy of the enrollment request and other important notifications.
  4. Select the Advanced tab, and then provide the following details:
    Note: When you select the Add New Device option on the Basic tab, the Advanced tab is enabled.
    Add User-Advanced
    Option Description
    Platform & MDM Policy The MDM policy that is enforced on the device after enrollment.
    Compliance Rule Set The compliance rules that are enforced on the device after enrollment.
    Monthly Data Plan The monthly data plan that tracks mobile data usage in a billing cycle. The plans are defined and managed in the Expense workflow.
    Device Ownership The ownership of the device. Select one of the following options:
    • Corporate: Your organization owns and manages the device.
    • Corporate Shared: A company-owned device that is shared across multiple users. When a user signs in to the MaaS360 app with the corporate or MaaS360 credentials, the level of access to data, apps, and features is based on the group evaluation. When the user logs out of the MaaS360 app, MaaS360 removes the apps and policies that were distributed to the user profile.
    • Employee: The user or the employee who owns the device.
    Comments Additional information about the device.
  5. Select the Custom Attributes tab, and then provide values in the pre-defined custom attributes.
  6. Select the Education tab, and enter the person's number, role, grade level, and password policy that apply to Apple Education user accounts only.
  7. Click Save.