Selecting security policies from the Quick Start

The Security policy configuration during Quick Start can be applied to all enrolled devices.

The security policy settings that you configure during Quick Start are editable and you might configure more security settings from Security page in the portal as and when needed.You are also provided an option to skip Security policy setting for now. You can return to Quick Start from home page at any point and configure Security policy.

Select the Security policy that you want to apply from the following security policies.

Table 1. MaaS360 securitypolicies
Security policy type Settings
Basic The Basic security policy allows administrators to set a 6 character numeral passcode for all enrolled devices. This policy enables basic security settings only.
Intermediate The Intermediate security policy provides more settings and ensures that the security policy provides median security for all enrolled devices. The security settings that are provided by the Intermediate Security Policy are listed:
Intermediate Security Policy
Strict The Strict security policy provides settings that ensure that the security policy provides extreme security for all enrolled devices. The following security settings are provided by the Strict Security Policy:
Strict Security Policy

Viewing security policy settings that are available in the Quick Start wizard

Security Policy

What to do next

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