Enrolling devices from the Quick Start

The native email that you configured from the Quick Start allows you to send enrollment requests to the devices that you want to manage.

Before you begin

Before you can send an enrollment request, you must have the following items:
  • The user's email address
  • The device phone number (to send the request by SMS)

To accept an enrollment request, the user must have access to the device that receives the enrollment invitation.

About this task

Follow these steps to enroll devices from the Quick Start:


  1. Click Enroll devices in the Enrollment page.
    Enroll devices
  2. Add the username, email, domain, and mobile number for one or more users who will receive the enrollment invitation.
    Enroll devices and add user details
  3. Click Send enrollment invitation.
  4. If necessary, enroll more devices, and then click Finish.


The enrollment invitations are sent to users by email and SMS.

The MaaS360® Quick Start setup is complete. The Quick Start Summary page displays the options that you configured or skipped.
Quick Start Summary