Login Window

Use the Login Window settings to configure the login window appearance, access, and other options on macOS devices.

The following table describes the settings that are required to configure the login window appearance:
Policy setting Description
Heading The information that is displayed on the menu bar.
Login Banner The custom banner message.
Login Prompt Style The login prompt style.
Show Sleep, Restart and Shut Down buttons The device power options: sleep, restart, and shut down.

Configure Login Options

Policy setting Description
Show password hint when needed and available The password hint is shown.
Disable automatic login Automatic login is disabled on the device.
Enable console login The user can use a console to log in to the device.
Enable Fast User Switching The fast user switching is enabled on the device.
Computer administrators may refresh or disable management The computer administrators can refresh or disable management of the device.
Set computer name to computer record name The computer name is set to the computer record name.
Allow Guest User The guest users are allowed to access the device.