Customizing block domain notification message in MaaS360

Information about configuring the notification message that is displayed to users when they access blocked domains on their devices.

By default, MaaS360 displays the block notification message in English. You can add and customize notification messages based on your locale through Security policies.

Follow these steps to configure block notification message:
  1. From the MaaS360 Home page, navigate to Security > Policies
  2. Open an Android MDM policy and do one of the following:
    • To configure block notification message for devices enrolled in the Device Admin mode, go to Advanced Settings > Firewall Settings.
    • To configure block notification message for devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise mode, go to Android Enterprise Settings > Settings Firewall Settings.
  3. Select Configure Domain Filtering rules and then provide a locale-specific message in Message on accessing a blocked domain on device.
    Note: The default message is in English. Use the (+) icon to add messages for multiple locales.
    Use this sample text to configure block notification messages for supported locales:
    Language Default Message
    Simplified Chinese 管理员已禁止访问这个域
    Italian L'accesso a questo dominio è stato bloccato dall'amministratore
    Russian Доступ к этому домену заблокирован вашим администратором
    Polish Dostęp do tej domeny został zablokowany przez administratora
    Brazilian Portuguese O acesso a este domínio foi bloqueado pelo administrador
    Korean 관리자가 이 도메인에 대한 액세스를 차단했습니다.
    German Der Zugriff auf diese Domäne wurde durch Ihren Administrator blockiert.
    Japanese このドメインへのアクセスは管理者によってブロックされています
    Swedish Åtkomst till den här domänen har blockerats av administratören
    English Access to this domain has been blocked by your administrator
    French L'accès à ce domaine a été bloqué par votre administrateur
    Spanish El administrador ha bloqueado el acceso a este dominio
    Czech Administrátor zablokoval přístup k této doméně
    Norwegian Tilgang til dette domenet er blokkert av administratoren
    Dutch Toegang tot dit domein is geblokkeerd door de beheerder
    Traditional Chinese 管理者已禁止存取此網域