Fix to the background location access reminders

This guide walks you through the steps required to fix the background location access notifications that are displayed on Android OS versions 11 and later.

Location permission

The Location permission is critical to the MaaS360 app’s core functionality. MaaS360 requires access to the user’s location to perform some of the crucial functions such as enabling geo-fencing, detecting insecure Wi-Fi connection, reporting last connected SSID to the MaaS360 portal. MaaS360 Kiosk app requires Location permission to display configured Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices in close range.

Background location access reminders

During the Android Enterprise (DO and PO) enrollment, the MaaS360 for Android app granted itself Location permission in the background without allowing users to modify the permission from the device settings. Effective Android 10, Android started displaying periodic notifications to remind the users that the MaaS360 app has access to their location.
background location access notification


The MaaS360 for Android app no longer auto-grants the Location permission during the enrollment. To avoid the background location access reminders, administrators must configure runtime permissions in a way that the Location permissions are controlled by the end-users.

Follow these steps to avoid the background location access notification in the MaaS360 app:
  1. When you grant all permissions to the MaaS360 app at once, exclude the Location permission.
    1. Navigate to MDM policy > Android Enterprise Settings > Security > App Security.
    2. Select Configure runtime app permissions.
      • App ID: This is the App ID of the MaaS360 for Android app.
      • Permission: All. The Permissions to exclude if selecting All setting is displayed
      • Permissions to exclude if selecting All: Select Access Coarse Location, Access Fine Location, and Access Background Location.
      • Default runtime permission grant: Always Allow.

    Result: The Location permission is user-controlled. End-users must grant the Location permission to the MaaS360 app from the Settings.

  2. Select Mark device as non-compliant if MaaS360 agent does not have location permission. When this setting is turned on, the devices that do not have the Location permission granted by the users are marked as non-compliant. The devices become compliant when users grant Always Allow location access permission.