Configuring custom policy restrictions on Android devices

You can use custom settings to configure restrictions that are not built in to MaaS360.

In addition to the built-in policies for Android, you can extend the management capabilities by creating custom policy restrictions in the MaaS360 portal. The custom policies include the features and settings that administrators can control on managed Android Enterprise devices.

Creating custom policy restrictions in MaaS360

Follow these steps to create custom policy restrictions in MaaS360:
  1. From the MaaS360 Home page, navigate to Security > Policies.
  2. Select an Android Enterprise policy and then select Restrictions.
  3. Expand the Additional Settings section, and then enter custom settings in the form of key-value pairs.
    MaaS360 supports the following custom restrictions for Android devices:
    Key Value Description Support Matrix
    workNetworkLogs true, false When this setting is set to false, network logging is disabled.

    Android 8+ (DO)

    Android 12+ (PO)

    workUserControlledDisabledPackages Comma-separated package IDs. For example, Users cannot clear app data or force-stop the apps that are configured in this policy. Android 11+ (DO)