Settings and services audit reports

Information about audit data for MaaS360 settings and services.

Settings history

The Settings history provides the history of all the changes that were made to settings on the Settings page for an organization. Access this data from the MaaS360 Portal at Setup > Settings.

Field Description Possible values
Date The date and time when the changes were initiated to a setting. Example: 10/28/2020 14:45 IST
Type of setting The name of the setting that was modified by the administrator. The modified setting is listed on the Settings page.
  • Directory and Enrollment
  • User settings
  • App settings
  • Doc settings
  • Administrator settings
Performed by The name of the administrator who triggered the event. Example: Default Compliance Rule Set
Details The details of the changes that were made and saved by the administrator. The details also show the difference from previous settings to the current saved settings.

Click View Changes to view all the changes for original values and new values.


Example of the settings history user interface navigation

Settings page

Example of the settings change history

Change history

Change history with new and old values