Right to be Forgotten

The IBM® MaaS360® platform supports the Right to be Forgotten where a customer administrator can delete a user in bulk or individually from the MaaS360 Portal.

The Right to be Forgotten workflow in the MaaS360 Portal

The Users section in the MaaS360 Portal includes workflows that support the Right to be Forgotten. However, several things to note before you delete users:
  • Users with active devices are not removed. You must remove all devices that are associated with a user before you can delete the user.
  • When you delete a user record, that record is deleted forever and you cannot retrieve that user record again.
  • If a user is provisioned by the User Visibility service within Cloud Extender® or an Azure Configuration, you must remove the user from the customer directory. The MaaS360 platform processes the user removal within 24 to 48 hours after synchronizing with the customer directory.

Deleting users from the MaaS360 Portal

For steps on how to delete a user with a bulk upload or individually, see Deleting users in bulk from the MaaS360 Portal.