Mobile Metrics for MaaS360

Mobile Metrics for MaaS360® is a cloud-based benchmarking tool for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) deployments. Mobile Metrics for MaaS360 provides valuable benchmarking data and descriptive analysis that guides an organization towards improving security and efficiency across mobile environments.

Mobile Metrics for MaaS360 analyzes data or statistics for the following communities:
  • MaaS360 Community: The MaaS360 Community includes all the devices that are active for all MaaS360 users/organizations.
  • My Devices: The My Devices community includes only managed devices that are either owned by the organization or owned by a user in the organization.

Accessing Mobile Metrics for MaaS360

From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Reports > Community Analytics > Mobile Metrics.

Mobile Metrics for MaaS360 categories